Drawn in 60 seconds. Can you guess it?

Ugly Sketches app icon UGLY SKETCHES is a fresh take on the classic game of drawing and guessing.

In UGLY SKETCHES it doesn't hurt to draw like a 2 year old expressionist. In fact, it may help. As long as you draw fast, and your friends can guess the words you draw.

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You get 60 seconds to make a sketch for the other players to guess. They get 60 seconds to guess it.
It's all about fast association, and fast drawing - and of course challenging your friends.

UGLY SKETCHES is fast-paced - you play when you have a minute. (So no need to draw something overly detailed).


The drawer of a sketch gets the sum of stars awarded the guessers. The more players that guess what you sketched, the more points.

Ugly Sketches on the App Store

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We hope you like Ugly Sketches as much as we enjoyed making it.